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Zoro x Tashigi fans stick together

Because we know it's just destiny...

Zoro x Tashigi
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A community for fans of the pairing Zoro x Tashigi from the manga and anime series One Piece
Zoro x Tashigi fans, come and share your thoughts, dreams, fan works and talk about our favorite One Piece pairing.

This is a place for Zoro fans and Tashigi fans, but mostly for people who love Zoro and Tashigi together and as close as possible ^_~
The manga/anime series we're talking about is One Piece, by the way.

Feel free to post (even if it's just to say "hey, I joined and I'm here!", don't be a ghost member please!) and tell us about your opinions and views on their relationship. Of course you're also welcome (and encouraged) to post pictures, fan art, fanfics, interesting links, icons, doujinshi scans, wallpapers, thoughts and, basically, anything you have around.

TIPS / SUGGESTIONS (I don't like to say 'rules' :P)
1- Love Zoro & Tashigi! They don't have to be your favorite couple, but at least you should like them together.
2- Warn spoilers! If your post is going to contain spoilers, please give us a warning including what part of the series you're talking about (example: "Spoilers: episode 53 anime" or "Spoilers: Alabasta arc").
3- Remember this community is about Zoro and Tashigi. You can talk about general One Piece characters, pairings (as long as they don't involve Zoro x anyone else, or Tashigi x anyone else), etc... though most of them already have their own communities, so I suggest you join them and avoid the off-topic posts.
4- Respect other people's opinions. A healthy discussion is perfectly fine to keep the community alive, but let's avoid polemic discussions that might make other members uncomfortable.
5- If you have doubts about posting certain fanworks or links, ask the moderator alkanet
6- This is a het community. Please avoid posting yaoi/slash fanworks. We have nothing against them, but this is not the place to do so.
7- I repeat, NO posting works that include "Zoro x [anyone but Tashigi]" or "Tashigi x [anyone but Zoro]", it's disrespectful to the members and most of us don't want to see that.

Thanks and enjoy your stay!!